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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Criminal Facebook deletes "Donald Trump Is Our President" page with 3,276,000 fans

These types of actions are no different than the book-burnings in NAZI Germany during the 1930's. What we have in this country is not a free press, but blatant censorship and propaganda to support the side of the globalist commiecrats. In case anyone has not noticed, Faceburger is sitting just to the right of Goebbels.

Image result for zuckerberg  image as a nazi

Read the story HERE.


  1. Alternative social media:



  2. Hi Irish,
    Just got tossed into fb jail for 30 daze for posting a foto of my "First Mate" on the "QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE!!!" The "ASEXUAL'S @ FB were not amused!! It was not ment for them but my buddy "GYPSY WHITE" who liked my "WOOD BOAT!! Oh well... I'll email you the photo ..

  3. FB *IS^ a private company.
    Their service is "Free"....

    Eventually they will destroy themselves.


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