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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Cowboy Lassos Thief In WalMart Parking Lot

                                                                                   H/T to Dyron in Cullman


  1. That happened about a mile from my Dad's place. I've been to that Walmart many times. Eagle Point is a dichotomous community. I grew up and lived around there, working in the plywood mill, and as a biologist as well. The Meth culture is bad, but the country ranch folks are very prominent as well. I'm not at all surprised this happened. I'll bet the Cowboy had fun.

    1. You know that cowboy had fun! I'd like to have seen the roping. That Meth is a blight on the land. We have our share of Methematicians down here.

  2. I have family in Eagle Point, and the town is still talking about this (happened 7/2016)!!!


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