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Friday, August 2, 2019

Petty's legendary Superbird is headed to auction. As most car enthusiast might imagine, the sky is the limit.

                                                                            Richard Petty's once lost NASCAR Plymouth Superbird is heading to auction and the sky's the limit

The classic Plymouth may have been a one hit wonder, but it dominated tracks in the 1970 season before it was banned the following year. Read more HERE and click the link in that story for some really cool photos.


  1. I did a satellite shot near the Petty Museum in 2002 when I was in the Air Force. Me and 3 of my buddies decided to have a quick tour during lunch. Richard gave us a personalized tour where we got to see the race car and sit in his street legal Superbird. One of our unit's challenge coins is now on display in one of the display cases.

    I was with 2 E-8's and a E-9. I was only an E-7. our 1/2 hour lunch ended up being 3 hours. RHIP

  2. I am sure it was an awesome experience.

  3. I saw him race it in 1970 at darlington. you could tell the fastest cars, they were all loud of course. but the fastest cars were smooth and not as loud as the slow cars, they sounded like a series of explosions, buddy baker, petty, bobby allison, their cars were smooth, and fast. petty use to ride the wall coming off the 4th turn, it even got a name the petty stripe. back then the course was backward from now. all boyscouts got into the races on the back straight free if with their troop. so for 5 years i got to go to both races.

  4. Just watched the auction on TV from Harrisburg Penn. Some sweet rides for sale.

    1. I didn't see that, but saw some preliminary stuff and they were sweet. Let me know if you find out what this "bird" brings at auction.


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