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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Like This....


  1. Do you think she'll be able to build that?

  2. Join the "Don't Marry Movement". There are 3 main points:

    -Never legally marry an American woman
    -Never have children with an American woman
    -If you are married to an American woman, never buy a house so she cannot steal it from you in divorce

    Read the full essay explaining the purpose of the movement here: https://womenarestupid.site/blog/the-don-t-marry-movement

  3. Reminds me of that WWII female production poster: Yes We Can!

    And remember, the mustard goes against the meat, not the cheese.

  4. Irish?
    I salute you sir.
    Fucking awesome.

  5. Engineer will be getting an RFI on the flag in the TOP VIEW referencing to Note 2 and will need to issue an addendum with a revised plan. This will unfortunately result in a Change Order by the Contractor and may hold up a permit. By the time the permit issue is resolved the delay will have provided an opportunity for the [insert obstructionist organisation here] to file a lawsuit invalidating the original environmental impact study. etc. etc.
    Project will never be completed and the developer will go broke, give up and sell at a loss.


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