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Thursday, June 13, 2019

If Phil, Over At Bustednuckles, Hit The Lottery......


 No yard sale would be safe.....

Phil's place

On a separate note, I found this imagine while scrolling this morning. It is described as a Jeep
graveyard on Okinawa.

LINK <<<


  1. There is a video on Youtube showing how we rescued a most of the abandoned hardware in the Pacific theater to arm the guys in Korea. It was amazing. Went into how much we were saving by doing so. I never read about that anywhere. Chances are those served in Korea after refit.

  2. After seeing that I wonder if the Abrams tanks are still at Camp Arifjan Kuwait.

    1. They are. Indoors. I saw them last year.


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  4. "No yard sale would b safe"

    OMG dude, I absolutely HOWLED laughing at that!
    Nailed me perfectly.

  5. Fuck me, I'm still laughing at that shit ten minutes later!

  6. As a Jeep owner since I was 14, Am I wrong for getting sweaty for looking at those photos?

    1. Did hair grow on your hands also......????


  7. If those jeeps were still on okinawa, you would be looking at a wide field with a thin layer of rust on top of it. Surrounded by oceans, rain 300 days per year....yeah. nothing left.


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