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Monday, May 13, 2019

This Crime Warrants The Automatic Death Penalty

Police: Video Shows This Man Raping His Five Year Old Stepson

John Cavillo

Story HERE.


  1. I'd be happy to be his executioner.

  2. He's very likely to be killed in prison. Cons don't like cons that got there by doing kids. He'll spend his time in solitary, or he will be dead.

  3. Deserving of the death penalty? Yes. Quick and painless? Hell (which is where he'll end up) no!
    Make him run a double line gauntlet of parents of young children, each parent armed with whatever he or she chooses to carry - bats, fry pans, axes, whatever.
    If he survives the gauntlet, then load what remains into a trebuchet bucket and launch him over the nearest border (even if it's 1000 miles away).

    Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

  4. Fucking heinous act. The death penalty slow and painful would be well deserved if he actually did that.

  5. Take him to Mexico and drop him off on a street corner and tell the people there. They will beat him to death

    1. Years ago when I worked in San Diego, a guy like that, if he was illegal, would be handed over to the Tijuana police. They would take him a few miles outside of town and off him. I heard some of them were done slowly.

  6. It occurred to me that such a fate would be too good for this vile scumwad. He should have his spinal cord severed around C4 - C5, placed permanently in the "bicycle rack" position, and offered to the HIV ward at San Quentin or Pelican Bay (if they have wards or cell blocks for the willing victims of the Anally-Injected Death Serum).


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