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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Schwarzenegger drop kicked from behind in South Africa



  1. why in the HELL would ANYONE voluntarily go to SOUTH AFRICA?!

    1. My thoughts exactly ontoiran. Besides the tribal violence, now they have the "rolling blackouts". I bet most wish they still had Apartheid.

    2. Seeing shit like that, almost makes me wish they still had apartheid. That scumwad would have been taken outside and thrashed severely, as he deserves. Maybe break the leg he used to kick the guy.

      It doesn't matter what you think of Arnie, he's there trying to be of some help, and some punk does that. A sucker "kick", instead of punch, you know damn well he wouldn't have tried it face to face.

      I'm willing to bet there are millions of blacks in South Africa (and Botswana, Kenya, etc.) who would rather be back living under apartheid than in the cesspool their current "government" has made of their economy and way of life. That's what they get for allowing themselves to be duped by a flaming commie (Mandela) and his psychopathic wife, who loved to "necklace" people she didn't like, or were thought to be informers. The first victim, from what I read, was a 16 year old girl of Winnie's own race, who was falsely accused by another young girl who didn't like her..

  2. File this under, I want to buy the world a coke.... Desire to sing in perfect harmony, get kicked in the head. This is a perfect metaphor for the entire leftist/socialist pogrom. I doubt the lesson will be learned, this will be pawned off as an isolated, unexplained incident.

    This happened in Johannesburg which is in the northeast, the occasion was some event of which Arnie was a sponsor. For decades I've not heard anything good out of J-burg. Friends in the area of Cape Town and Knysna say it is still safe there.


  3. Culturally enriched by the vibrancy.


  4. This is literally diversity at it's best.

  5. Elitist prick. Justice for a libtard.


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