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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Christmas in May...

 Thanks again to all that followed the link, that I posted, to BULKMUNITIONS give away!

Jamie was easy to deal with and my box of 9MM , that I won, showed up by Fed Ex

yesterday morning. I had asked for it to be left in a specific place when delivered and

everything went great. Thanks again.




  1. So many fireworks! I love it. i will take the shot!

    The Best Ever Baytown IT Support

  2. It looks so pretty I am almost crying...

  3. something so cool about 1000 rounds. it twist no guns liberals into knots when they are around and you either show them or say, just got another 1000 rounds of 9mm. i put it with my other 20k rounds.

  4. I still say the fix was in!!! Have fun at the range anyway, ya' cheatin' bastidge!

  5. Those are legal prophylactics that stop unwanted pregnancy.


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