Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bath salts? Full On zombie? Terrorist attack by a crazed goat humper?

The truth is we will probably never know with any degree of certainty due to the proliferation of fake new what caused a machete wielding man to go on the attack today at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama today. I got a text alert from a local news affiliate stating that a gunman had wounded one and maybe more on the this campus today. Not long after the crazed man stepped off a bus and headed towards the campus proper he was promptly "lit up" by what one witness described as "25-30" gunshots. The witness said the man was "down, but his eyes were still open". 


Image result for image of bloody African with machete

Read the entire story HERE.


  1. Jeff State police gave him a dose of lead poisoning.

  2. Yes, they literally "ventilated" him as they should have. Do you know the "backstory" Critter?

  3. Campus cops shot him as he got off the bus. After turning him into Swiss cheese, he got a free trip to the hospital for "potentially life-threatening injuries". Potentially. 30 shots. Seriously, who taught these guys how to shoot, Stevie Wonder?

  4. How could they have shot him that many times without punching his ticket? If you're going to shoot, shoot to "stop" him - permanently.

    I heard his machete was fully automatic, and had a 200 round clip.


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