Friday, May 10, 2019

Three Cheers For The Students/Faculty/Parents Who Got Up And Walked Away From The Political Rally Disguised As A Memorial

Reader Leigh in Whitehall summed it up pretty well when he emailed me this comment:  " I saw where the kids of that school are beginning to see the blood dancers for what they really are: morbid opportunists. They don't give a damn about the children or anyone else's safety - only their own agenda. Standing on corpses to soapbox from, is standard operating procedure. People are getting sick of it."

It makes me proud to see young people seeing through the cloud of smoke and mirror politics using guns as the problem. Two freaks who openly loathe Christians and Donald Trump decide to claim their thirty seconds of fame and the media and liberal politicians cream their britches thinking this is an anti-gunner's wet dream. Shame on them and credit to the kids for exposing them for what they are, Charlatans. PS: watch the  nine minute video following this one for the real shit show.

H/T to Bob in KY and Leigh in Whitehall.


  1. Smart kids to quickly see that they were being pimped by the Bloomberg idiots. Lots of character to stand up to the gun control politics and take back the meeting.

    Smart with good character. They'll go far in life.

  2. The Trend needs to continue for every succeeding memorial after every one of these incidents happens because these idiots will keep trying to take these things over for their political purposes. I wonder if the kids who stopped the shooters were inspired by the the people who stopped the Synagogue Shooter. Although shouting i am going to kill you you motherfucker was not appropriate language for a synagogue. It WORKED and that is the important thing.

  3. I had to share this, Irish. Character of these kids shine through their pain.

  4. You are correct Sabre22. I hope everyone spreads this far and wide.

    I keep thinking about Leigh's comment where he refers to these asshats as "the blood dancers". It is a title that is befitting.

  5. Wow. Good for them. This is so good to see. Gives me hope.


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