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Monday, March 18, 2019

What A Beauty....

Lots of images HERE<<

I tracked the VIN and it sold for 42,500.00 <<<<


  1. It's a shame the engine isn't stock or at least closer to stock.

  2. made me think. a sorrowful thought but good memories too. two young men in the small town i grew up in whom i knew and looked up too. signed up for the army together because they knew they were going to be drafted. they took their bonus enlistment money and bought identical 68 ss 396 chevrolets all the way. cecil's was delivered on one friday and richards was to be delivered on the next friday. they had to report to fort jackson in july about a month later. so they drive around in cecils new car after several hours they went down a long straight road that was down-hill for about 2 miles. they lost control of the car went off road hit an embankmant. cecil was half out of the car and crushed. richard went more than 160 feet over a pasture and pond and his body was on the opposite bank of the pond. the speed was estimated at more than 120.

    so here's to cecil hicks and richard mills the big boys i looked up to growing up. and the beautiful 68 ss 396


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