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Sunday, March 17, 2019

If St. Paddy Granted Wishes


  1. Pádraig = Paddy

    (I'd take the incredible Miss Eden, though, no matter who granted the wish.)

    1. I fixed it for Jeffery. He must be into the Guinness early today. 😜

    2. He's probably still in it from Friday. ��

    3. Thanks guys. I did start a little early today!

  2. She was a hottie when I was young. I'll have to settle for the 3 pound corn beef brisket
    and cabbage dinner I have in the crockpot. I am sure it will be as tender and juicy as
    Barbara Eden's lady parts were back in the I Dream Of Genie days!

  3. I don`t get it.She`s pretty, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed of Jeannie but all I wound up with was an empty bottle. man she was hot and not a bad looker at 70 as i remember.

  5. I look at the hot young women of today, and even though they are indeed hot, it seems like the beauties of my teenage years, of the late 70's, like Ms. Eden, Cheryl Tiegs, Linda Carter, Farrah, etc. just had more class, and were hotter.
    I suppose that is because they were the pinups of my youth.
    I remember my uncle telling me he asked his dad, my grandfather, how old are you when you lose interest in sex, and my grandfather, that fine man, said, " How in the hell should I know?" He was only 61 at the time.

  6. Pigpen you have it right, the LADIES you mention had CLASS not like the trollops of today

    Dennis the librarian shusher

  7. Hi Irish,
    "Thanks Buddy!!!!!!!!!!"


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