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Saturday, January 19, 2019

My Local FOX Affiliate Chose To Omit President Trump Addressing The Nation Today On The Subjects Of Immigration And The .gov Shutdown.

I wonder how it was with other networks in other parts of the country today. I would imagine this silence was a concerted effort to torpedo the POTUS. I hope Chuck Schumer saw the speech and I hope he cried. With that said and if you missed it, here it is.


  1. Lost faith in Fox news like a year ago, sadly. This past spring, my local cable monopoly basically force everyone to have a seperate cable box for each TV in the home. I told`em Eff Off. Have not had TV for almost a year now. 4 sets, and I usually only watched the small one in the kitchen in the pre-dawn hours, anyway, and that was 24/7 Fox. I watched the President`s speech on the White House web site. Really dig Your site, and many on Your sidebar. Keep up the good work. Stay warm. (level 2 here this morning, still, ran the plow tuck and shoveled. Time for some Bourbon. 1 o`clock) Scott, in Ohio

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. It doesn't matter what channel or network, it is still the "same old song". If my service goes up or awry, I'll ditch too. There is better info out there and plenty of programming on the interweb.


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