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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Green Onions--Booker T and the MGs. (with a little "vintage heat" thrown in for good measure)

                                                Make sure to check out Ann Margret (among others) at the 1:15 mark.


  1. Great googly moogly, I forgot how great she looked back in the day. Not that she's anything to sneeze at even now. I'm an old time rock and roller and garage/hard edged aficionado, but I always had a fondness for Booker T. tunes and a lot of other instrumentals from the fifties and sixties. Here's a pretty obscure one for your listening pleasure that has kind of a Booker T. vibe to it. Enjoy.................


  2. Ann Margaret? I want the busty blond in the black dress...

  3. Ann Margaret-a butt above the rest

  4. Was that Eli Wallach in the first scene dancing? Wonder what movie that was?

  5. thanks, that was good to watch.


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