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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Coffee + Web Surfing + Abandoned Russian Tanks = New Music Find.

     Morning All :)

I'm sitting here drinking my Joe and surfing the sidebar as I wait for to start prepping for 

Snowmaggedon 2019!!  

 One of the stops was over to Kenny's and this IMAGE caught my eye. It's just after the boobs.

 In one of the comments, Miles Long , noted that the tanks are on Shikotan Island.

 Scroll down in the comments and click on Miles Long's link to an article about the tanks.

  Being inquisitive, I searched for things about the island and the tanks  .

One video that I watched was this one just below. I sipped coffee, hit play and the soundtrack

music started (around the 10 second mark)... "damn" I thought to my self, 

that's some nice guitar work. Suddenly, abandonded tanks were off the list

and music took the lead.

Now I had to go track that song down.

"Siri?.. What song is this?" I asked ( Ain't modern technology great!!)

Siri replied.....

Okay, cool, Siri found it... Now off to Youtube and a search for Bertysolo!!

and another............


I can see this might lead down a rabbit hole of music......

Anyway, one of the other sites that I also happened upon was this one:

 " Behind Closed Doors Urbex"  

You can get lost spending time searching that site for sure!

Now back to reality,

It's a beautiful and sunny morning here which I know is the "Calm before the storm".


We are in the 6" to 12" range of snow that is forecast for tonight. This season, up to now, has

basically been snow free in our area. There's no trace of any snow at all, as you can see above.

More coffee is brewing and the last few preps need to be done. I already have plenty of bread 

and milk and beer of course. :) 

New England winters are what they are and for years and years I have had the privilege

of shoveling, snowblowing and plowing . As I get older, any storm that requires me to pull out 

the snowblower, feels like this :

Once I'm done though, I do enjoy the snow and winter.

 ( As long as the power stays on ).


  1. Hey, nice find on the music! Something to add to my playlist. We're also waiting for snowpocalypse or icemaggedon or something here in Western PA. None of the forecasters are actually sure what will come. Depends on whether they use the NOAA model or the European model. We're in America, use the American model. I guess they hedge their bets by talking about both. Assholes.

    My mind kind of works in mysterious ways. The mention of Russia + tanks + music =


  2. Ha! I did basically the same thing, but didn't go down the music rabbit hole.

  3. Ahhh, Winter in Connecticut. Now, they're calling for 4-8" of snow, plus ice.
    Topped off the Propane tanks, checked the oil in the Stand-By generator, plenty of food,1.5 cord of wood in the garage, I'm good to go.

    1. I'm okay on my stockpiles of supplies, but I checked the deep cycle battery and it was in pretty bad shape. Popped out this morning and picked up a new one and topped off the charge. I hook it to an inverter when the power goes out and it lets me watch TV if I get bored or want to catch a weather report or something. Not a necessity, but nice to have...........

  4. Being an Old Fart, I need the electricity to stay on. Both my Housemate & myself have medical devices that, were we to lose power, we would be very uncomfortable.

  5. lite waits , try living in Maine . . .. Then again na, please stay where you are .

    1. I was thinking of moving to Maine, but it seems you have the beginning of a Muslim problem...

  6. It was a normal day in Alabama weather-wise. We started out with monsoon rains (the build an ark type). The temps were in the upper fifties. Then, the front approached and we had high winds, tornado warnings and a few touchdowns around Wetumpka/Montgomery area with damages. Now, it is snowing like crazy here in my county. There will not be any accumulation on the roadways as the ground temperature is too warm. We did have a huge Pine tree blown down across our road. My neighbor sawed it into sections with a chainsaw and I pulled it out of the road with my 4WD. The windchill in the morning will be in the single digits.

  7. All y'all stay safe and warm.

    I did have to chuckle, it sounded just like a typical morning here too.

  8. The storm dropped 3 in of snow and a lot of rain on us here in hilly north central Ohio, some 55 mi NE of Columbus. We were predicted to get 7 to 10 in of snow.

    Not complaining.


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