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Friday, September 28, 2018

Alyssa Milano Can Be The Poster Child For The Left's Hatred.... UPDATED

  If you hadn't heard about or seen this, here is an interesting analysis of what went

 on with Alyssa Milano at the hearings circus yesterday.

  This is all speculation by Thomas Wictor on Twitter but his break down of the 

events are interesting indeed. You won't see the media reporting any of this.

 Here is how he describes her in this image,

 This is an expression of pure hate...and determination.

  click the picture for the link:

Update.. Thomas Wictor was suspended from Twitter for the post he did about Alyssa

Click the pic for the archived link... the screen will take a while to load..3-5 minutes so give it time if you like.

click the picture for the link:



  1. One of the things not brought up was she was going to be the distraction while somebody else did it. Revealing dress she drops the sign(s) as a distraction and then she bends over just a little to far and a little more shows . Hopefully pulling security's attention for a few second and the other person strikes.

  2. Funny , how she had no problem working for Harvey Feinstein , and, to my knowledge, still hasn't said a bad word about him .......

  3. Replies
    1. Feinstein...Weinstein, all the same tribe.

  4. How I she allowed into the hearing exactly? Is it open to the public for anyone to be allowed in?

  5. And she used to be hot too. Damn shame....ugly to the bone.

  6. That's why I'm not in security. I would have tasered her in the cleavage, just when they exchanged the sign, and watched her flop around like a gutted fish.

  7. She looks like a crack whore.

    As for her reason for being there; the term is "coaching..."

  8. Account suspended. That didn't take long.

  9. If Skelator had a wife it would be this near death looking creature

  10. I have a use for it copy it blow it up and use it as a terrorist/ hostage target. See if you can hit her between the eyes


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