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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Wanna Feel Old? 52 Years Ago......

The Camaro officially went on sale in dealerships on September 29, 1966,
 for the 1967 model year.


  1. And we beat the hell out of them, the Mustangs, thee Baracudas, etc, never imagining what one of these things would be worth 52 years later...

  2. I, at 22 years of age, ordered my 2nd brandy-new vehicle, a 1964&1/2 Mustang back April 1964. Sat with the salesman (no babes in those days) for over an hour going through a catalogue of features like color engine size, transmission, rim size, etc. The list was teletyped (300 baud rate) to the plant in Dearborn, Mich. (No Somalis there then) and I was told the Ford company would snail mail me with a delivery date: 289 V8, 4 bbl Carb, 4-speed manual with Hurst shifter, Metallic Blue coupe with 15inch rims (14 was standard). I took delivery in the 2nd week of June and although it was June 1964 the vehicle title showed 1965. Not VIN in those days but the serial number was under 10,000. Total cost: (No sales tax in NJ then) $2,650. It was a honey, but I made ONE serious mistake. Got married in 1966 and now ex-wife totaled it in 1968. Learn anything youngsters?


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