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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

You Never Know....


  1. #1 Is this "tweet" legit? #2, what sort of connection might Anthony had with the Clintons? and #3, What is the suicide rate with the use of a hotel bathrobe belt? I mean seriously, they're made in China, right?

    1. I’m sure it’s fake. Funny but fake.

    2. Hey, one can always pontificate.....what does that mean anyway?

  2. Arkancide is in the lexicon, I've heard of stranger things.

  3. Hi Irish,
    If the tweet is fake ... well, yahoo!,,,, If it's real, then he knew they had a bead on him and well, go figure!! Thing is, sooner or later the Gunfight is going to end up in the street ala 1880's Old West Barroom showdown!! It's gonna be the "O-K Corral" instead of Wild Bill getting it in the back!! Just think, Bill and Hil are "outlaws" of today ... if they were around in the 1880's they'd be the "Clinton Gang" and the Posters would say,"WANTED DEAD" never mind alive.... and if'n ya' bring em' in still breathin' and kickin, don't worry, you'll get the extra $15.00 reward money and a front seat at the hangin'!!

  4. Irish, this is off topic, and it's a satire, but amusing as hell, and it's probably actually happened more than once.



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