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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Punk Ass Kid Was Damaging Cars*.. Gets Confronted... Hilarity Ensues....

  I can't find too much info on this other than the shit bag kid and his friends were
damaging cars. He gets confronted and, well, you can see for yourself.....

 Watch the volume....


That guy showed lots of restraint. Luckily in today's world there is this video proof of the interaction.


  1. There ought to be more "hide tanning" in this world today.

  2. He wasn't hurt when he was pushed down, it is just attention getting behavior.

  3. Sooner than later the kids going to get a major beat-down. Its all a matter of time.

  4. Sooner than later the kids going to get a major beat-down. Its all a matter of time.

  5. Replies
    1. Triggly Puff in short pants.

  6. Obviously, there were no New Yawk or Bahstin Eye-Talian types nearby.
    Imagine that kid backtalkin' my Uncle Frank back in the day.
    It's so funny, my sides hurt!
    "Whaddaya stoopid awe retah-ded?
    Whap! (upside da head)!
    Love it.
    Thanks, John!!

  7. This Brat is going to keep pushing until he really get a beat-down. He tries this shit after he turns 18 he is going to be pushing up daisies

  8. Dead punk walking.. That brat won't live a minute past his 18th birthday if he even makes it that far.

  9. Perfect recruit for Soros to shoot up the next school !

  10. Gonna be bold and say no dad at home. This kid is broke and there is no fixing him. If society is lucky, a fellow punk will turn him to room temperature before he does too much damage to people and things in his community.

  11. And the little jerk walked away clean.
    Triggley Puff in short pants, indeed.

  12. Future crybaby SJW in training. For all his bravado and stupidity, the punk kid (I'm guessing he's no older than 10 in this video) is really lucky he didn't get a well-deserved beatdown.

  13. IIRC someone said "He's just a kid!" In other words, making excuses for behaviors that - as others have noted - would have gotten a wholloping by the parents (!) in earlier days.

    Yes, this kid's gonna get a serious *cough* attitude adjustment soon. And the parents will be wailing "WHY WHY WHY!"

    1. I've told my kids "Never throw the first punch.* Always throw the last punch. And make sure the other guy KNOWS they lost."

      * Unless you see that, no matter what you do, something's going to happen. Then, and only then, get your licks in early. (And one other thing: There's no such thing as a "fair" fight - you fight to win.)


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