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Monday, June 11, 2018

De Niro And The "Hollyweirdos" Show Their Asses Once Again

Oh the hypocrisy! It will never end. "Red Robert" got a standing ovation after ranting and shouting "Fu(% Trump" twice. These people are a sad lot indeed.

Read more HERE if you can "stomach" it.


  1. Sad, too bad. WE won, now it's OUR turn to let the adults run things.

    As far as De Niro goes..... FUCK DE NIRO!

  2. Who'd a thunk de Niro was such an whiney crybaby asshole? I already got rid of any movie with that red assed commie in it.

  3. Didn't watch the clip, don't watch his movies. I don't give my time, attention or hard-earned money to people who think I'm the anti-Christ because I have different ideas than they do...


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