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Friday, June 15, 2018

On the subject of holsters and chambered vs. non-chambered, etc.

This FBI agent definitely needs to re-evaluate his CCW plan of action. He has since been charged. Story HERE.


  1. Pro Tip. After a hard night of drinking and back flips, don't pick your Glock up off the ground with your finger in the trigger guard. Most LEO are not trained well enough to carry a Glock. 30 to 45 rounds down range ever 3 months is not sufficient training. LE I know that are good shooter didn't become proficient from the training provided by their agency. Your trigger finger is your safety on a Glock. And I'm good with that.I love my Glock. I love my 1911's too, but if the shit hit the fan, I'd rather have a Glock.

    1. take a look a springfelds they have a grip safety

    2. I resisted "Glock Fever" for a long, long time. I had friends who swore by them. Even my son is/was a huge Glock fan. I'd hold one now and then and even shot a few several times. For the longest, I couldn't get used to one. It felt like I was trying to shoot a box. A few years ago I bought a good buy in a Glock 17 and vowed to give it an honest chance. After a few hundred rounds the G17 was consistently accurate. I traded it in on G19 and I liked it even better. They are great guns. I've been around guns all my life, but still cannot get use to not having a safety. Most of the time, if I am carrying my Glock there isn't a round in the chamber. Call it what you like, I call it safe.

    3. Roy, I almost added that I have an Springfield XD and I am much more comfortable carrying a round chambered in it for that reason. I've read all sorts of pros and cons regarding the XD's, but I have had nothing but good service and great accuracy from mine. For that reason I prefer the Springfield over the Glock. I'm not splitting hairs. I like guns.

  2. Many depts don't even do that, once a year qual....


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