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Saturday, May 12, 2018

YOU ENTER GERMANY: Bloody Huertgen and the Siegfried Line

This is a good video especially, if you have an interest in WW2/European Theater of Operations. It is a little long, but worth it. Many do not realize that during this engagement that came to be known as "TheBattle of Hurtgen Forest", the United States lost almost as many men killed from September 19th-December 16th, 1944 as it did during the entire Vietnam War. It was a meat grinder.

H/T to Robert in Cullman


  1. I was aware of the fighting in the Hurtgenwald, just never knew any details about the brutality of it. Consider me, educated.

  2. Fascinating documentary!
    Well done.
    Great mix of a forgotten time and battle, interviews of opposing forces, opening scenary.
    I've always been intrigued about that period of the later time of WWII.
    Thanks for sharing.


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