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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Stunning Images Done By Howdi Colour Recovery......

  I happened upon this Facebook page last night. I know many of you will enjoy the images.


Stop over there for more images and descriptions^^^


  1. These brave souls faced not only the hell of gunfire and real fire but also the hell of freezing cold. Neither the 17s or 25s were pressurised. I can't imagine doing any of the tasks they had to accomplsh in sub-zero temperatures, looking through goggles, breathing through an oxygen mask and wearing heavy insulated clothing and gloves. The waist gunners had it the worst as they had to deal with tremendous winds whipping through the center of the fuselage. Many of them suffered frostbite on their hands from taking off the gloves so they could better handle their weapons.

  2. The link to the Facebook had swell pictures..Thanks..


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