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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Peanut Butter Helped Twelve Inmates Escape From Walker County Jail

When twelve inmates escaped from the Walker County Jail, it was a big story around here. It also was a huge embarrassment for the Walker Co. Sheriff and his staff. People in the Jasper area/Walker County were upset that the jailbreak occurred around six o'clock on Sunday evening and the sheriff's office didn't post it on their FB page until after ten. The sheriff did not make a public announcement until after eight o'clock on Monday morning. The jail not only houses Walker County inmates, but it serves as a holding area for federal inmates too. Apparently, the inmates used peanut butter to alter numbers on an exterior door and "tricked" a new jail employee into electronically unlocking it. The twelve then dashed out into a semi-secure area, climbed  a razor-wire fence and ran away. If they had of played their cards right and lined up some "help" the story might have played out differently. The last one was caught yesterday down in Florida. 

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  1. Knowing Alabama jails, I'd say either the cheapest or either "out of date" commodity brand found in an abandoned warehouse. I'm betting creamy, but I don't want to take the taste test at the "Rock".

  2. (Andy Griffith voice) Oh, Barn! Not the ole peanut butter trick again!? (/ Andy Griffith)

  3. I bet it was Skippy Peanut Butter.

  4. I bet it came from a big old metal can (think the size of a coffee can) with a plain white label and bold black letters that read USDA COMMODITY PEANUT BUTTER expiration date Jan. 1979! I would imagine it was so old that it didn't even have a "bar code".

  5. marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges NOT A CRIME!


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