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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fostech Echo Trigger - Gen II Patented Fast Fire Trigger System


                                                                                                     (it gets real good about 5:47)


  1. Ingenuity overcomes ignorance once again.
    Pretty fucking sweet.

    1. Well said Phil. I love it when folks devise a way to "wire around the switch".

  2. A friend of mine bought the first version, which sucked:
    "My biggest complaint (once I got it into a second rifle where it actually worked) was that you had to pull very hard on the trigger to get the release shot. Even worse it made a 100% reliable rifle completely unreliable. The icing on the cake was them not answering my email. Ever!"

    Hope this newer version is better than the first. Their video showed the first one working. Hopefully, this video wasn't cherry-picked like the first one.

  3. I hope you are right too Reg T. A friend of mine told me his brother bought the GenII model and said it runs like a champ. I've yet to see or shoot one in person, but would be interested in hearing any feedback good or bad. Thank you for yours.


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