Sunday, July 30, 2017

Link O'rama...Keeping Tabs On Things....

Complied and submitted by AFOI
** If this is true, McCain needs to go down as today's Benedict Arnold.
** But... but... but preppers are stupid.  That couldn't happen here!!!!
** She only knows Islam personally.  What could she know compared to the Elites who
are flooding Europe with rapefugees?
** Jesus H F*cking Christ.  This is into rope-tree-assembly territory.  I don't think a
person could have done more damage if they'd tried.
** This is dated, but... time for tar and feathers, Germany.  And Sweden.  And Norway.  And France.  And Britain.  And...
** They're getting ready.  Are you?
** The "Progressive" mask slips.  

** Europe is falling.  Related:
** Quote: "People should be hung from lampposts-they should be burned alive-for what they've done to Britain."
** I'm not sure I agree; IQ is not just genetic, it's cultural, it's nutritional, etc.  You have entire
generations of blacks who don't get read to, who don't do anything but see thuggery and intelligence and
education not being rewarded... so of course you get people who don't pursue, or excel in, education.
** Some fascinating tidbits in here - and questions that need answers.
** The Deep State vs. Trump.  Too many people getting rich at the trough while we pay for it.  Trump threatens
that feeding frenzy, so he has to go.  Related:
** Agree.  And I'll bet real money that the very day of the election, there were people meeting to set it up.
** Did Barackus spy on Romney?  Magic Eight-Ball hints at YES.
** IN PRINCIPLE I want low low low taxes.  I think this, or perhaps a move to make the state income tax NOT
deductible, could be genius.  All those Hollyweird libs and NY elites, suddenly having to pay more... and
they could be SHAMED about it.  As they scream from butthurt in their net incomes, just say "Hey, we're
just asking you to pay your fair share!"
** Liberals lie.  That's what they do.
** Sharia in action.
** McCain does a Roman "thumbs down".  NOBODY will be in front of me to admire his service, or
his sense of honor in his actions while a POW - e.g., not letting himself jump in front of
others who should have been released before him.  But... well past time to retire, John.
** There are three stories here.
1. That a baby who had a chance to live was denied that chance by doctors who determined
for him and his parents what his future would be: death.
2. That Sarah Palin was right about "Death Panels".
3. That the enemedia will NEVER ask the Democrats about it, because they're one and the same.
** They'd rather be silent and not call attention to it than admit they're wrong.
** Fry.  Slowly.
** They have a long game, and people with missionary-levels of zeal.  Related:
** They're not interested in debate, or co-existence.  They're interested in POWER.
** More of what the Left assures us doesn't exist.  And even if it does exist, it's not enough
to be concerned about.  So stop looking.  (Some good examples of where just a FEW votes were
** They could have a stone tablet, written with the finger of G-d, and they would still hold the narrative.  Related:
** From the comments: "That means the real story of collusion in the 2016 election could be that Democrats were working with Russia. And that would make
sense, given their long history of appeasing the Russians, under both Clinton and Barack Obama."
>> Sowing dischord and confusion.  That certainly DOES sound Russian.  But of course the Left will never
think of this or admit this.


  1. Google "McCain Songbird" and get an eyeful.

    He's always been worse than Benedict Arnold.



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