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Monday, July 10, 2017

I'll Let You Go Read This.....


let that sink in.


  1. Look at the % of muslim immigrants who spend their life on welfare and its going to get worse.


  2. Hi Irish,
    'Caught this at WRSA also!! 'Likely sooner than later the $$$well "Will," not "Might," "RUN DRY!!!!!" That's when the "SHTF!!!" A couple of years ago in the summer the "EBT" welfare card system got an "Electronic Glitch" and went "DOWN" in several states simultaneously!! I was Working at Wallyworld and just short of a riot broke out, fights in the store and out in the parking lot, the COPS Came and had a major hassle getting things under control!! All this because he rumor started circulating that the "Gubmint" was shutting the system down for good and they would have to "Go To WORK!!!!" "They" weren't going to have it!!

    Picture if you will... You have just finished your weekly shopping and are leaving the store about the time all the above mentioned chaos ensues!! You get to the parking lot and almost to your car when you are accosted by this rather large overbearing woman who just got informed that her "EBT" card is no "NO GOOD!!" She attempts to push you away and commandeer your buggy full of groceries while shouting at you,"Dis Mah Stuhff!!!!" ....never mind the "Twilight Zone" hell no, Pal!!, You are now entrenched right in the middle of LBJ's "Great Society!!"

    Got GUNZ.......OUTLAW!!!!,

    1. Skybill,

      Your more correct than you know. I live in Canada and near a indian reservation. Our local grocery store always has 6 or 7 'panhandlers' outside it demanding money because we 'oppressed' them. It's gotten worse this last year as the economy has tanked, I think the hand outs they used to get are less frequent and they get more aggressive. We don't let the kids go with us to the store anymore because they will grab kids.

      If you call the cops they will tell you that since the judges just give them a slap on the wrist for panhandling or grabbing someone (healing circles) they don't see any reason to arrest them and waste their time on paperwork. It's bad when the cops see no reason to actually do their jobs.

      It's particularly bad the last week of the month when they have run out of welfare and benefits. I used to volunteer to teach life skills to single moms (resume writing, budgeting etc.), had to give it up because these single moms would tell you that hey were trying to get pregnant so they could get the $284 a month addition another kid got them. They only wanted the kids for the added cash. It drove me nuts especially when one had me go through her bank statement to figure out why she had no money left on the 7th of the month to feed her 7 kids. She had dropped over $300 twice at Liquor stores since the 1st and $400 at a sex shop. They had become so addicted to the hand outs they saw no value in ever trying to get a job. She was trying to convince her 14 year old to get pregnant so the daughter could get her own welfare money (under 18 only get it if a single parent).

      Anyways I've lately seen the panhandlers getting more violent and last weekend they started showing up in the next town 30 miles away. I witnessed one try and steal out of a women's cart as she was loading her groceries into her car.

      Two summers ago the feds gave the natives each between 10k and 50K for 'suffering' because some of their ancestors had been mistreated (yelled at and caned) while at privately run schools (this happened in the 1920's). Most of the people got money reparations) for the suffering of dead ancestors. A friend of mine is from a good family that actually has jobs and he said 90% of those people blew that money in a month.

      It's getting worse and when it breaks it will get very ugly very fast.

  3. Hey Irish;

    Now you know that is hatespeech and the illuminati will do to you what they did to Andrew Breitbrart....crap, that actually sounds plausible rather than sarcasm. Seriously I saw what happened a couple of years ago when the EBT crapped out in Clayco(a county south of Atlanta loaded with diversity), it was down for 5 hours and the wailing and moaning on TV was unreal"WHo gonna feed my chirren" was the most popular phrase I heard. When the system decides to crap out...it ain't gonna be pretty and those people living in "Diversity rich" areas are going to get hurt.


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