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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Rant On The Media....

The comment was posted by " The Rat Fink" over at THIS POST at IOWNTHEWORLDREPORT

Speaking of “detectives” let’s talk about Woodward and Bernstein. Spare me from these two and their phychophants in the media! With all the democRat ratfuckery going on since Watergate, surely there was ONE story they could have broken in 40 years!
Where were they during all the years of sexual misconduct as Governor of Arkasas?
Where were they during the years of Clinton criminal conduct during the 90s?
Where were they to report the Clinton body count that mysteriously stopped in 2000 and resumed again in 2016?
Where were they during the past eight years of a Taqiyah Sunrise-Drinking Marxist Muzlim Mallard intertwined with yet more Clinton criminality with our nation’s secrets?
Did they NOT have the freedom of the press to investigate the mis-use of the IRS against political enemies?
Did they NOT have the freedom of the press to investigate the use of the EPA as a weapon against industry?
And how about exposing CIA surveilence on Americans (and the Press), or the rise of terrorism on the Øbamboozler´s watch due to his arming and funding of terrorists and terrorism?
Did they NOT have the freedom of the press to call out the fact that the Øbamboozler refused use the term iSlamic Terrorism?

AWOL! That where they’ve been!

Not a peep outta them for over 40 years because they didn’t dare move the refrigerator to expose all their fellow cockroaches hiding behind it lest they be ostricized! The Media deliberately provokes and covers left wing, violent rallies and riots, carefully interviewing, showing select hand carried signs with their catchy slogans in tacit support of Anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, Globalists, Soros backed Socialist/progressive democrats, communists, racist BLM and ANTIFA radical anarchists, but they’ll trot (Trotsky) out these two old Gaslighters who can´t find any of it with both hands and a flashlight!
Detectives? Puuuuleeeeze!


  1. If Nixon had been a democrat, these two wouldn't even be a footnote in history.

  2. Nope, they wouldn't have lifted a finger if it had been a democrat.


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