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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cool Photo of A B17....

lots and lots more "warbird" images HERE


  1. Great site, thanks for sharing that!
    I perused a bit; plenty of Corsairs, P-38s, Bombers, even saw an SBD, a PBJ mis-identified as a B-25! Could use some more razorback P-47s, but I'm not complaining!!

    Seriously, thanks again,

  2. Pop was a B-17 navigator in the 19th bomb group flying in some of the first battles of the Pacific out of Australia. One Sunday afternoon we were watching an old war movie and he pipes up with "you do realize this is 'Hollywood' and the real thing isn't anything like this". Yeah says I. Then he says "well there was one time it felt like we were in a movie" (He had my full attention at this point). They were evacuating as many civilians as possible out of a Del Monte plantation in the Philippines when the Japs started coming out of the treeline with excited expectations of taking out a B-17 on take off. All wide eyed I said "so what did ya do?". "well, we gave them a real fast education on why it was called a 'Flying Fortress' "....Nuff said.


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