Friday, June 2, 2017

Alabama City Requires Teens To Buy A Business License To Mow Lawns

Here is more proof that government destroys everything it comes into contact with via over-regulation, fees, permits, inspections, etc. (aka "red tape") 

It is not like the American people needed another example of a bureaucracy and bureaucrats "gone wild", but here it is alive and well in of all places, Gardendale, AL. This policy of requiring part time yard mowers to buy a business license is simply wrong in so many ways. Why would a council person go along with an idea which punishes kids for working? In this day and age when most young folks have their eyes fixated onto the screen of an electronic device and their asses glued to the couches, Gardendale wants to penalize kids with an entrepreneurial spirit who are trying to earn extra money for the summer. Like most liberal concepts, I would hope this idea of licensing began with good intentions, but that is not always the case. Additionally, I realize things have changed dramatically from the days of mowing with a Yazoo (nothing wrong with that mind you) like the one pictured above to what lawn care professionals have become today. Still, it doesn't change the fact that some kids still push their mowers to next door yards for the purpose of earning extra money in the summertime.  Is this just another example of government attempting to generate revenue and or deter a select group from competing with established business owners with "connections" to city hall? It could be. Either way concessions need to made to allow part time "students" a chance to cut grass without them having to buy a license. I wonder if the family of the council members, mayor, etc., have relatives who own a lawn care business? Should we also believe it is really fair that the "illegal invaders" of the Gardendale area who regularly mow yards in the city limits and fail to purchase a grass cutting license, live in free .gov housing, receive food stamp benefits via EBT cards, free health care, etc.? vs. those who do pay the "blood money". Of course it isn't fair. Hypothetically, I wondered if I lived in Gardendale and my lawnmower broke, would my neighbor have to purchase a license to cut my grass even if it was for free? Shame on the members of Gardendale government.

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  1. Start indoctrinating pups when they're young and compliant. It gets harder as they become older and wiser to the game being played.

  2. Government is force...never forget that. It is all about control and money. indyjonesouthere

  3. One wonders if they will 'tax' them a portion of their profits too??? Sigh...

  4. What has happened is someone paid to have their lawn mowed and didn't like the result but they couldn't remember who is was that mowed the lawn. This person (probably one of the Council members) decided the way to prevent this is to have everyone who mows a lawn to have a license. I can tell you from experience that when it became necessary for door to door solicitors to have a license that the burglaries in the community went down. What has happened is common sense is dead and replaced with the concept that everyone must be at the same level of misery just to be fair.

  5. I mowed lots of yards as a kid and I longed to have a Yazoo with a Clinton engine. Never had one though

    1. My aunt and uncle owned a Yazoo in the late 60's-early-70's. I remember being intrigued by the design even at a very young age. I suppose it was because the mower was "different" to the majority of push models I had seen with it's huge back wheels.

  6. I mowed with a "Sunbeam" that had an oil air cleaner. I got it out of the trash of a neighbor, did a little maintenance on the unit and went on to make money. It wasn't a great amount, but as a teen, all I really needed to finance was my hobbies...


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