Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things...

Compiled and submitted by AFOI:
** Quote: "Many commentators simply couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that the Republican candidate not only won, but raised over
$100,000 the day after he body-slammed a left-leaning reporter.  It was because his supporters would probably like to have done the same thing
to the reporter, if not worse - but reporters can't admit that, because if they did, they'd also have to admit that they've made themselves
the enemy of 'traditional America'."
>> They go to the same schools, live in the same neighborhoods, associate with the same circles, read the same books and magazines and listen
to the same radio shows... and then think they're well informed about the country.
** Excellent takedown and analysis.  Funny how the more wealth they get, the more generous they get with OTHER peoples' money.
** Automated world shipping.  Add in pirates and hackers and bad weather.  Stir.
** And this quote sums up the screencap of a twitter exchange, below: "It's the Death of the West in one Twitter exchange.":
** They lie about guns.  It's what they do.  (They lie about EVERYTHING.)
** Dated, but illustrative.  The economic crash is coming.  It can't NOT crash.  Somewhere within ten years, economic math ends as we reach
the end of the road.    

** They'd literally rather see their civilization fall than have their fellows think they're "racists".  Related:
** Interesting.  MI5 didn't stop him... because they're caught up in the same PC crap.
** I think I've posted this before, but I noticed one key quote that is critical: "For the second time in its history, the Democratic Party
has opted to secede from the Union and its social contract."
>> Democrats are traitors.  Pure and simple.
** But don't you dare say Barackus is a Muslim-sympathizer.
** Thus proving the point.
** Beautiful!!!
** Is it too much to ask for an Islamic nuke in San Fran to take out all these progressive
Silicon Valley useful idiots?  Honestly, I'd be hard-pressed to decide between reacting
with horror, and wanting to award them the medal of freedom.  (I would miss my cousin
and his family, though.)
** Voluntary for now, and only for a subset of people.  This will grow.  "For the children."  More:
** Thomas Sowell had a great quote, which I'm paraphrasing from memory: Many traditions, seen as
staid and stuffy and old-fashioned, are in actually the distilled wisdom of countless generations
who experimented and found what worked best [abeit imperfectly]."  But as he also said, "So much
on the Left consists of replacing what has worked with what sounds good."
>> Ultimately, so much of Leftism is focused on their genitalia, hedonism in general, and in
feeling "avante guarde" and "edgy" by challenging tradition... and, of course, remember that the
edge MOVES.  Once someone has stepped past the edge, that becomes the new edge that the next person
must step past.
** All worth reading, but there's one nugged, quote: "She regards 'Climate Change' central to her
internationalist agenda, referring to the last year's Paris Agreement as the "key agreement that
shapes today's globalization.""
>> TWO things:
1. The whole globalization thing; they're FIXATED on this with no deviation permitted.
2. Using "climate change" as a lever to get The People to cede power upward, to "save the planet".
** Assuming this is true, this is just another thing in the Left's prioritization of their genitalia.
** Wild Bill opines.  Related:
** Taking the side of savages who are invading you and killing your children over your own nation
and culture.  Another instance:
** Follow the link at the bottom to a longer article, but... quote: "Why do so many liberals
praise a religion that, at its root, is quite conservative, if not fundamentalist? Why do they
defend a faith that would not defend them? Worse still, why do they defend a faith that, in
some cases, would do violence to them?"
>> Why?  Because they've been conditioned from birth to hate their own culture, nation, and
civilization.  And they are living proof of Evan Sayet's "Unified Field Theory of Liberalism" -
i.e., that to a liberal to discriminate is the worst sin imaginable, so they will - to prove
their non-discriminatory nature - choose the side opposite their own self-interests, even if
it means their own deaths.
** A quote from the page that had this: "More importantly, grants are at stake."
>> And that's the REAL issue.  Well, that and POWER.  See the legalinsurrection entry a couple of links up.
** Just FEEL the tolerance and love of different viewpoints.
** And when their demands - shouted with fists raised - are not met?  Brownshirts just about ripe for REAL action.  Related:
** Arrest, charge, convict, and imprison if possible.
** A little more racial than I care for (being in an inter-racial marriage myself), but he makes
an excellent point: "This is why they are rushing toward intermarriage, because if you destroy
all of the races, then you have no social divisions. In other words, the same reason why they
wanted class warfare; they want to eliminate all conflict through pacifism, and make us all
obedient sheep."
>> Again, these people are MISSIONARIES for globalism and one-world-ism.
** As Thomas Sowell once said, liberals understand the value of everything and the cost of nothing.
And since it's not THEIR money being spent, they don't care.  Do you really NEED a calorie
count / nutrition sheet to know that the bacon double-cheeseburger with a side of gravy fries is
NOT a great nutritional choice?  (And if you really DO need to be told that, time to thin the herd.)
** Yet another hate crime CONFIRMED as a hoax.  You know, if the only hate crimes they have are hoaxes,
then it's not really an issue.
** Pardon my language, but Jesus H F*cking Christ.

** Wow.  I could be wrong, but I don't think this has EVER happened before, at least not to this extent.
** Compare and contrast:
** Barackus did as much, if not worse, in back-channel communications with Russia.  Not a peep.
The difference between "D" and "R".  More:
** Yes, they are.  I think a few "short drop and sudden stops" are in order.
** I doubt she's really sorry.  I think she's just sorry she offended enough people her agent
told her too.  The BIGGER issue is that she thought it was within the bounds to do in the
first place.  Heck, I HATED Barackus, but I'd never think that posing with his head in
my hands, or an effigee of him hanged, would be a good idea.  When she said "I went too
far" what she REALLY meant was "I was too far past the edge; don't worry, the edge will
catch up with me."
** Circling the drain.  A game that convinces teens to kill themselves?????  And they DO IT for the adrenaline rush?????

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