Monday, May 29, 2017

What a "tease" this turned out to be

                          I was fourteen in '78 and can remember trying to imagine what must be inside this edition.

This was about the extent of the "spread". 

Not posing nude was probably a wise choice for Dolly considering her work with children and her Imagination Library.



  1. You know why her feet are so small? Things don't grow in the shade.

  2. But did you read the interview with Dolly?

  3. Back in the day, young’uns, Dolly Parton's boobs were the most famous in the world.

  4. She was clear on the subject, Playboy was, you just had a dirty 14 year old mind.

    1. She was very clear edutcher and as I stated wise in her decision making. I wouldn't say my mind was dirty, but very "curious" (especially about those torpedoes). Dolly is truly a beautiful person inside and out too. I grew up watching her on "The Porter Waggoner Show", etc. Below is a link to a 1973 episode with Dolly singing "Jolene". I liked her earlier stuff, but turned away from country music in general after it went "disco" in the late 70's and early 80's. I'm glad to see Dolly turning out stuff that is reflective of her roots lately. To be born into poverty she has done very well in life and she has given back much of what she has earned to those less fortunate.

    2. The song behind that story.

      I think I heard a better version somewhere in youtube, but I haven't found it again.

  5. Dolly is a wonderful person. She's very savvy, very giving and all one has to do is look to see who her friends are to believe me.
    When the fire hit in her area, she personally donated time and money to help everyone rebuild.

    First this:

    Then this:

    Then MORE:

    Ten THOUSAND DOLLARS given to each family.

    THAT is High Asociative Trust.

    You won't see liberals do that shit.


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