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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Twosdeyes Future Trouble....


  1. Replies
    1. That's why I said. "Future". They are the Roddy twins. Kate and Rachel. Models with lots of pics on tumblr and Pinterest.

    2. Ahh. Slow on the uptake this morning

    3. No worries at all:-). Thanks for stopping by Conan.

  2. Irish, you are really trying to kill me. Haunting eyes AND red hair. Wow. Nicely done.

  3. Hi Irish,
    'Did I ever tell you about,"Candy and Denise??????"

    1. Well....Back a few cases of beer ago when I was workin' for Weber in Birdbank...ACES II program (Govt. contract!!) We got an audit from the Airforce.... All work was at a complete stop while they went thru the "Paper work!!" 'Was gettin' paid for doin' absolutely nothin' while the audit was happenin'!!! On the second day..one of the program directors was walkin' thru my shop an he looked very worried!!! I said to him....,"Joe! If ya' wanna' get rid of these guys y' gotta take them out for a steak dinner and intro them to these two friends of mine....'Candy an Denise!!'" He looked perplexed and asked who they were? "Joe!" I said," they are the identical twin 19 year old hookers that are the after dinner "entertainment" for those guys!!......Do you get it yet????" Well "Candy and Denise" were really a conjured up figment of my twisted imagination!! You know the names now.....let's see if "You" can find them!!

  4. Felt my soul splitting in two as it was ripped from my body.

  5. worth the risk, but i admit to being a slow learner


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