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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Meanwhile At The Oroville Dam....


  1. So frikkin' true! Not only that, but the governor/village idiot has swiped tax money from cities and counties throughout the state over the last eight years to cover for years of this liberal lunacy. Now he declares that there's a surplus in the budget. Will the counties and cities get their money back so that they can, you know, pave roads that have needed paving for twenty years, fight fires and crime, etc? No; it'll be spent on more liberal lunacy. Oh yeah; and on that stupid damned train!

  2. At least the got the level down to where it stopped running over the emergency spillway.

    They're still trying to drop the level another forty feet so that they'll be ready for the next series of storms coming in later this week.

    It begs the question, though....who the hell let the level get so high in the first place??

  3. Don't forget the high speed train! They haven't laid a single track, but it's already cost millions!

    1. Millions?
      Try billions! ...it's billions overbudget, without any track laid!!!

  4. ....and you have to ask daddy for emergency funds.

  5. AND bowed to the econazis and tree huggers and didn't do the required work TWELVE years ago!

  6. We really need this liberal exercise in failure in a state so it's somewhat isolated. We need to see the case study on the limits of stupid so we can make predictions, project the failures on libs and perhaps spare the rest of us from it.


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