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Monday, January 16, 2017

Your Holy Shith!! Video Of The Day....

SPANISH FORK — A snowplow clearing snow in Spanish Fork Canyon was pushed off the road by a passing semitrailer and rolled down a steep embankment Thursday, investigators say.
The dramatic crash was caught on video and prompted Utah Department of Transportation officials Friday to warn drivers to stay behind snowplows.

Terry Jacobson, a 23-year veteran of UDOT's snow removal services, was westbound on U.S. 6 when a semitrailer attempted to pass his snowplow on the right. Investigators say the semitrailer caught the wing of the plow and forced it off the road, pushing it across oncoming traffic and through the guardrail before it went rolling down a 300-foot embankment.


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  1. Yeah these truckers get pretty out of hand. I take this every day and its a long grade up and down about 10 miles worth. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherman,_Wyoming I've had numerous close encounters with semis already. They just don't slow down no matter the conditions. They frequently wipe other cars out if not themselves. Not that cars are not doing similar things. The people just don't get how a split second of visibility loss is catastrophic.


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