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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Liberal Preppers Stock Up As Trumpocalypse Looms....


  1. That's funny shit right there now.

  2. Damn. What a marketing strategy. ...I could have purchased all of the shown items, and set-up a tent on the Mall in DC and sold-out in 1 hour with all the weirdos and SnowFLAKES coming to town!

  3. I'm not OK with mocking the fake crocs.

    I have half a dozen pairs of fake crocs. Best slippers and yard shoes I ever owned. I buy mine at the local hardware store in spring when they stock them for $3 a pair not the $200 the dipshits pay, but all the same-same, y'know?

    Further, the lads in backwoods BC where I spend my summers wear them almost full time, except when they have a job, which is rarely - by choice I might add, hunting and fishing are very important up here and Pogey is generous. They keep looking for steel toed fake crocs but no joy so far.


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