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Monday, January 16, 2017

Living In Seattle, I Don't Think She's Taken Men... Not With Her Brain.....

  This video was on the sidebar when I was scrolling through Youtube over the weekend.

15 mins long but stick with it. She is one of us, living behind enemy lines.

The video is about a year old:

How feminism, liberalism, Islam and Cultural Marxism are destroying western society.


  1. I like her.


  2. Will You Marry Me?
    ignore amos

  3. We must be watching the same stuff, Irish. This one was in my sidebar as well.

    Though I have been subbed to her channel for a few months already.

  4. Never forget. It is not an accident. It is by design.

  5. Check her twitter

  6. Been subbed for a while, also. She's a little saner, younger version of Ann Barnhardt. Anti-jihadist, anti-feminist, pro-Trump from the beginning. Finance and banking degrees. Bright. Forget about not being taken, though. Nice try, Irish!

  7. I need to find this chick.
    She needs to have my babies.
    I'd make that sacrifice for my country.

    Not so sure my wife would be on board with it though.



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