Tuesday, January 10, 2017

With All The Libtardia We Are Seeing On Display Lately....


    I say we give No Quarter... Fuck Them... 

Boycott the media and hollywood.

Expose their hypocritical tweets, snapchats and blogs post.

Expose them for what they are.

Repeal all the detrimental shit Obama has done.

Kick out the UN.

Investigate all the corruption.

Don't be PC.

Push back twice as hard as they do.. Marginalize them.

Use their same tactics.

No fucking quarter.

 Even in bad times optimism will make things happen. Trump brings optimism.

They aren't going to go away easily or quietly.

Neither are we.


  1. No quarter. Completely agreed and what I've done the entire election cycle.

    To that end, you may like this:




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