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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Well Played Jimmy!

Jimmy Grover, owner of Dixie Gun and Pawn in Mableton, Georgia, fatally shot one of two would be robbers in his store the the day after Christmas. The bad guys enter the store with guns drawn and pointing them at one of the store employees and Mr. Grover. Mr. Grover can be seen with his gun on his right hip. He draws his gun, drops down and the second he acquires his target, he fires through the glass cabinet killing bad gun number one. Notice number one is pulling out a second pistol with his left hand (I suppose to go "full gangsta").  After dropping number one he fires towards the second bandit driving him away. Neither Mr. Grover or any of his employees were injured in the incident. As it should be when a man uses firearms to defend his life and property, there were not any charges filed against Mr. Grover. The moral of this story for baddies is beware of "graybeards" with guns. They can and will shoot your ass graveyard dead.  


  1. Hi Irish!!,
    High Speed Pucker Factor X-10!!!!! Shoot straight and True!!, Yer' Ass depends on it!! Note in the vid...the puke drops like a rotten sack of tomatoes!! I think from watching the vid, he was a done deal within a nanosecond of the round making contact with his carcass!!

  2. The round fired was a .45 ACP

  3. The name of the city is Mableton, GA NOT Mapleton

    1. You may be correct Anon, but the original piece I read stated Mapleton. I did a quick Google Search and did not find a Mapleton, but I did find a Mableton. Once again, I thank you for being forever vigilant and watching my back for spelling and grammatical errors. I will correct it in the body of the post too. Below is the text and link:

      "Breitbart News previously reported that a Mapleton, Georgia, gun store owner fatally shot one of two armed suspects who entered his store on December 26 and ordered him to the floor".


  4. And I did reblog this. Well, actually, I linked straight to here.

  5. Now that's a feel good story right there


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