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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

More Proof Of Libtardia.... This NH Democrat Should Move to Fcuking Cambridge MA.....

A New Hampshire state senator angry over Russia's meddling in November's elections has proposed punishing Vladimir Putin's regime — by pulling Russian vodka off the shelves of state liquor stores.

State Sen. Jeff Woodburn, the Democratic leader, proposed legislation on Monday to create a bipartisan commission to consider punitive measures against Russia, following the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that Putin's regime interfered with November's presidential contest.

Woodburn's commission would be allowed to consider a wide variety of responses, though two possibilities were specifically mentioned in the draft version of the bill. One is a proposal to require the state retirement system to divest from any Russian-based assets, the other would require the state Liquor Commission to suspend orders for any Russian-made vodkas for sale at the 79 state-run liquor stores – the only source for hard liquor in the state.


How much does this bullshit cost the taxpayers>??????

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