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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another "Wild-Eyed" Libtard Charged for Filing a False Report In an Attempt to Draw Attention to his Cause

A popular YouTube Sodomite has been charged for lying about being "gay bashed" by three men outside a L.A. popular club. As I've said before, it matters not to me what ones sexual orientation may be nor does it matter what other people do behind closed doors in regard to their sexual practices as long as everyone is of legal age and consenting. However, I despise people that feel simply because they are of a certain color, race, religion, or creed DEMANDING special rights and privileges (i.e. "hate crime legislation", etc.). In this case this fellow is "gay" and he is "gay" before he is is anything else. This man has damgaged what he obsessively attempted to promote. He now is nothing more than the "little boy who cried wolf". Apparently he was willing to resort to  saying or doing just about anything, including lying, to promote his agenda. 

Read the rest of the story HERE

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