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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things...

Compiled and submitted by AFOI

** MUST READ.  Remember, Hillary wants to ramp up the rate these people are brought in.  And two
embedded links in the above article:
** The four stages of Islamic conquest.  They have a plan, and a manual, and they're following it.
** They are using our own tolerance and empathy against us.  And a truly excellent rant:

** It's an incredibly dangerous world; liberals all over hold hands and sing Kum Ba Ya.  Related:
** Quote: "Russia and the West are obsessed with a factional struggle in the face of a civilizational struggle. Their failure
to recognize the civilizational threat of the caliphate is the greatest threat to their future."
>> A FASCINATING, but scary thought - that Russia, Europe, and America are being played to distract and weaken the West (i.e.,
non-Muslim) powers.   



** Treason, pure and simple, by a man the Left admired... and STILL admires even with this info out there.

** And yet there are people who swear up and down - like my coworker - that Politifact is impartial.

** Exposing this might get some away from Killary.  For too many, though, they're addicted to their EBT cards
and Obamaphones.

** Lessons for the gun grabbers here in America - YOU CAN'T STOP IT.

** First against the wall.

** It really does beg the question: Why are people so desperate to take the side of the enemy - an enemy that would just
as soon kill them?  I personally suspect that it has a great deal to do with the desire to have some control over the
situation.  If the enemy acts because of what you do, then you have control; if, on the other hand, nothing you do or
say can change the attitudes and desires of the enemy... it's scarier.  Thus, people fabricate the desire to make the
situation be something they can affect to have - even only illusory - a measure of control over the situation.

** NOTHING with the Clintons and their poodle press would surprise me.

** Do I think there's a broad-based conspiratorial plan to ruin farming and starve millions?  No (at least, not
outside very small circles).  But... I do agree that there's an appalling ignorance about rural life.  People think
it's picture-perfect and when they've sunk megamillions into their dream homes and THEN realize the reality, they
want to fight reality.  (It's like Democrats who flee high-tax, high-regulation environments, but then vote for
people who share "values"... which include high taxes and regulations.)

** Quote: "In March of 2016, a small Swedish town had ten sexual assaults in eight days, all perpetrated by Muslim men. One out
of four women in Sweden will be raped and 77% of the rapes are done by Muslim men who make up 2% of the population! Gang rape
is not uncommon nor is child rape. Norway and Sweden officials tell women not to go out at night alone and Norway is now paying
Muslims to leave the country! Yet, Obama and Hillary want even more Muslims in America and will pay them to come!
>> A truly frightening statistic in what I repeat is MY DEFINING ISSUE THIS ELECTION.

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