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Thursday, April 28, 2016


I've been kind of quiet lately as I have been turkey hunting since April 1st. So far, I have hunted every day except one. The birds were quiet this morning at daylight, but I got one going around 9:15. I went into a holler that was very deep and rough. The bird was responsive and I moved a couple of times for better position (the woods have really thickened up since the season began as they always do). Anyway, I was slipping through this thick stuff all the while trying not to do anything to spook my gobbler. As I was easing down this old log road I spotted movement and froze in my tracks. At first I thought it might be my turkey, but it was this little fellow. He didn't know what I was (full camo/3-d smock/face mask and gloves). Still he detected danger and thought he better skin a tree and he did. I couldn't pass up the chance of a picture and didn't think I'd alert the gobbler so, I snapped this. Enjoy Kenny!


  1. He better get used to those giant rats.


  2. I've seen and caught larger possum's. that one was about average. Growing up I trapped, hunted, camped, rode dirt bikes, and was in the woods a lot. It was only until the mid-eighties we started to see coyotes, armadillos, and feral pigs, but we had a lot of possums. I do not see as many possums today as I used too, but see quite a few "possums on the half shell" (armadillos). Remember the old bumper stickers and car tags that read "Eat More Possum"?


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