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Friday, April 29, 2016

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things...

Compiled and submitted by AFOI

** So, please tell me how this is ANY different than what the Nazis did.  Hello?

** Given that 1) there is a theoretical parity in the male/female ratio, and 2) Islamist societies have rich people scoop up multiple
wives...it was a stroke of genius for Mohammed to include this as it gives "hope" to all those sex-starved poorer men and incentivizes them to
fight and die.

** Quote: "As the West commits slow-motion suicide, and fundamentalist Islam advances, the questions arise: what can we do to recover our
cultural self-confidence? How can we restore the vigor and greatness of Western civilization? How do we revive the unique values of our
culture and push back against the barbarians at (and within) the gate?"  >> This looks like an interesting, and critical, book.


** Charles Koch believes Hellary would moderate once in office?  This is the CORE of the GOP establishment's problem.  They really do think
that the hard core left is still something they can negotiate with.


** Imagine if this was a Christian therapist.  Worldwide outrage.  But it's a Muslim.  So crickets.  The worldwide Islamophilia is

** Wait, War on Women!  Tampon tax!  Birth control pills!

** When you become so lacking in pride in your own culture and civilization, you deserve to fall.

** Another excellent argument against minimum wage hikes.

** A very interesting question, quote: "For example, why would Western governments welcome a large influx of low-skills migrants on the very
eve of such jobs being automated?"  >> Possible answer: As a foil/controllable counterforce for the natives who get upset at it.

** A fascinating quote: "Cavuto mentioned that if we were to confiscate all the wealth from the top 1 percent, it could only subsidize one
American entitlement program for a year. [Free college advocate] Mullen said she didn't believe that."  >> I can't vouch for the veracity of
the specific statistic Cavuto used, but I'd believe it generally.  Leftists really don't grasp economics.

** Why do I have this quote running through my mind?  "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
The more The Powers That Be smear and suppress dissent about the invaders, the more powerful - and violent - the reaction will be when it

** The difference between the parties in one picture.

** Really, Your Holiness?  REALLY???


** Doing what invaders have always done across history.

** Ceding a strategic location to the enemy.  I keep asking "If Barackus WANTED to undermine America overseas, what would he do differently?"

** I will keep saying this until I'm blue in the face: Obamacare was created intentionally to screw things up so badly people would scream for
Single Payer.

** But Sarah Palin was mocked mercilessly for her talk of "Death Panels".

** Would NK sell SLBMs to Iran?  Can we be assured they won't?  This is getting VERY scary.

** Whether it's "tax avoidance" or "tax evasion" depends on if you're R or D.


** But... but... but we've been assured by our intellectual superiors this can't be true!

** Exactly.  And it reminds me of THIS seminal essay:

** How... convenient for Hellary that this happened.

** I'm sure there's NOTHING to worry about.

** Quote: "Pew wrote. Compared to other races and ethnic groups, Hispanics have the largest number of youths, meaning as the Millennial generation and the generation after that grow up and become politically involved, the Hispanic
vote will become a kingmaker."  >> All is proceeding according to the Left's LONG GAME of replacing the native whites who refuse to go along with the program with people who will.

** Why don't you mind my own business?
** We saw the end of the beginning; now the Left is gathering steam.  And a great concept: Leftists think that their good intentions insulates them from the corrupting influences of the vast streams of money government controls
and doles out.
** How to steal power.  The general welfare clause and the commerce clause.
** The frog in the water.  The Obama Administration ASKED TO REMOVE the restrictions...
** Fantastic Whittle videos.

** But don't dare call the Leftists thugs.  Oh no.

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