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Friday, July 3, 2015

"Personal Sessesion" Thoughts on "Independance" Day Weekend....

 The following is a random thoughts that I have had
 during the week at work.I'm sure there are plenty of websites and books about these points. 
 I know I have read a few.

Like "Going Galt" the best way you can.

Or the book I read  was "Starving the Monkeys". Kinda long winded but good concept.

 If you know of any others please leave it in the comments so others may benefit.

The moonbats seem to be very good at boycotting and having their agenda pushed upon
the rest of the country. Maybe it's time to start using their tactics to beat them.
IT would also help to starve them of money.

Stop feeding the system financially. (any way you can).

Minimize your tax burden (anyway you can).

Don't, if at all possible, shop or spend money with left leaning businesses.
(search the web for liberal businesses, yes I know google is one, that's why I said
 Do business with like minded people.
This old website from a few years ago was used by the left to shop at like-minded
places. Use it to NOT shop with those businesses  LINK

Don't go to the movies that have moonbat actors or directors. ( few choices I know)

Don't watch TV. ( it all sucks imho)

Don't go to sporting events if you know they are moonbat friendly or they support the agenda.
(Imagine if no one showed up at the events)

Don't speed or break the law. Don't give the law any reason to fine you.

Try to minimize the things that require permits or paying the state in any way.

If you are on a jury and the defendant is "one of us" and the crime ISN'T heinous
try jury nullification for a positive outcome.

Buy a hybrid, I did, I get 50 plus mpg vs. 16 in my pick-up. 
My Ford Fusion is a great car.
Saving me over 500.00 a month in fuel costs. 
Total fuel tax is HERE by state. 
How much gas tax am I saving at .42/.44 cents per gallon? 

I'm on the border of Mass and NH ( New Hampsshire has become northern MA due to the moonbats from MA that ruined it) Meal tax in NH is 9% in MA it's 6.25%. Although MA has
an option where the town can add an additional sales tax as well. ( check the local towns for the cheapest dining options if this applies)

Most states have no tax on groceries. Buy your food and prepare your own meals knowing you
aren't paying taxes.

Make your hobby into a business to get business discounts and write offs.

Even if you can do 10 percent of the above, that's 10 percent less that is put into the system.

Any ideas, thoughts, books or websites, feel free to add them in the comments..


  1. Right after Obama won the Presidency, my barber insulted me in a crowded barbershop, which comments suggested was crowded with Progressive sympathizers, aka dumbasses.

    I didn't say a word, and left after the haircut. I never returned, and never will. Although my lack of funds to the shop probably didn't have a huge effect, I felt better and could only wish the worst for those that perpetuate the Progressive agenda.

    Since then, I refuse to watch any of the alphabet networks, avoid links to their sites, won't give business to known Progressive sympathizers, try to live a frugal lifestyle and laugh at those that are willing to continue an existence, which demands they keep their heads up their ass. They become more ignorant and it's easier to separate them from their money.

  2. In a group of like-minded, discourage groupthink, even on a subject you agree with. There should always be a "Tenth Man" with the duty to disagree.

    Groupthink can be disastrous.

  3. I've often thought that the left will win because conservatives and libertarians are too busy earning a paycheck and raising their families.

    It's also generally against the conservative/libertarian mindset to organize and act as a cohesive group -- or to boycott businesses. We generally don't know how to get a boycott going, sustain it, and make it successful; and too often, life just gets in the way.

    0. You need to get enough people on board with your boycott. If you're just one person, well, so what. If you can get 10% of the business' customer base, well, that does make a difference.

    1. Pick a place that is small enough that your boycott can actually make a financial difference. Google won't notice if we boycott them. The local barber might.

    2. Tied to the previous, consider that PETA targets old ladies wearing fur and ignores Hell's Angels wearing leather. Pick a weak target and hit them relentlessly.

    3. The boycotters need to be vocal about why they are boycotting the business. It would be terrible to successfully make the point that you don't like somebody without them knowing why you don't like them.

    In the category of "it probably doesn't matter much," I use https://duckduckgo.com/ for my searches. I don't know if they are as loonie left as Google is, but they at least promise not to track you as you make your way around the web.

    So ... yes, I think doing a boycott left-wing business is a good thing (and you can use the leftists' research against them, just buy from who they boycott and boycott who they buy from). Got to get the ball rolling somewhere.

  4. For all of their "working class" propaganda, the progressives do not function without a lot of organization and astroturfing at the top. They get the money to do so from the very corporations they hate, courtesy of politically motivated and hypocritical billionaires. If you really want to hurt them, you need to stop the flow of money going to these businesses. It may appear impossible to negatively affect the bottom line of billion dollar mega-corporation but it can be done if you give enough people a reason to boycott.


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