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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Link O'Rama....

Compiled and submitted by AFOI...

** It's going to be scorched earth tactics.
** But... but... but... BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!  REPUBLICAN WAR ON WOMEN!  The cognitive
dissonance on the Left is at clinical levels.

** I was going to quote from this piece, but there are too many quotes to pull.  Read this.  READ THIS.  And then
understand what side Barackus is on.  It's not America's side.  But here's one quote to read, and shudder about:
"In other words, the six powers will teach Iran how to operate advanced centrifuges capable of quickly enriching
uranium in an installation that is protected from aerial bombardment."  Related:
** Paging Huma.

** History lessons.  Related:
** The feeding frenzy will not stop with the Stars and Bars.  And this is great:

** The Rule of Law is dead.  Plain words, with the context of Gruber's admission of the way the law was written,
and intentionally so, have been rewritten to match desired political outcomes.

** Tar.  Feathers.  Assembly.


** I TOLD YOU!!!  And after polygamy, it will be incest (already coming), paedophilia... and eventually "interspecies love".
** Consider the tone of this article.  It's all about, IMHO, the deconstruction of the nuclear family in western society.
But it's more than that.  It's about destroying restraint.  If it feels good, do it.
** Quote: "It's a small thing, to be sure. But telling. Because it shows that the same-sex marriage movement is interested
in a great deal more than just the freedom to form marital unions. It is also interested, quite keenly, in punishing dissenters.
But the ambitions of the movement go further than that, even. It's about revisiting legal notions of freedom of speech and
association, constitutional protections for religious freedom, and cultural norms concerning the family."
>> And I note, with no small smugness, another person commenting that polygamy is on the way too.  And references to
beastiality.  Another quote, later on:
"And by his own admission, serious, high-minded advocates of same-sex marriage will tolerate religious liberty only so long."
>> The next step will be to strip tax-exempt status from all organizations that don't accept gay marriage.  Another quote:
"Which is why the gay-marriage movement wants to make Obergefell less like Roe and more like Brown v. Board of Education.
As Anderson explains, the movement intends to cast supporters of traditional marriage once and for all as bigots who won't
be allowed to make their case in the public square. They want to salt the earth post-Obergefell and make certain it's
impossible for any traditional marriage movement to flower."
** The War on Faith is coming.  Examples will be made.  And check out the tweet from John Nolte... spot-on.
** The short-term answer is to decouple religious weddings from legal ones.  Perform a wedding for men and women, but
if they want legal recognition, they need to go to a justice of the peace.

** It's part of the broader war on religion as one of the impediments to the Supremacy of the State.

** IMHO this will not do much in the short term.  But it will be used, slowly, slowly, drip-drop, to wash out white neighborhoods
and weaken Conservative strongholds.

** I love the concept.  But it's THEIR rights that are expanded, not your gun-loving, religion-clinging redneck
Neanderthal rights.

** Wild Bill video with an important motivational message.

** The new revisionism.  Certainly ancient Greece copied a lot, but they developed a lot too.  Now, though,
there seems to be a concerted effort to erase that leap forward by the Greeks.

** Robert Heinlein wrote about progress in civilization and said that when things collapse, it's called "bad luck".
Why do I have the feeling we're about to have a whole lot of "bad luck"?

** Of course.  A content and happy people aren't good footsoldiers.

** The Left lacks the intellectual wattage to grasp this.  Related:
** The Left also lacks perspective.

** What's astonishing to me is the speed of this.  Yes, there are power concerns too.  But the SPEED
that these things are being done.  It's as though there were plans in place.

** The Left has already declared this is a goal.

** Quote: "Eventually the electorate will come to its senses - I mean, they have to, right? As Glenn Reynolds often
says, "what cannot continue, won't." But what cataclysm will it take to shake us out of our navel-gazing,
microaggressed, Brawndo-swilling stupor?"
>> I don't know.  Rumors are of a July 4th terror attack.  Pardon my cynicism, but I suspect that even a horde of
black-clad ISIS-flag-toting people caught on video as they machine gun down celebrants while screaming "Allah
Akhbar!" won't do it.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mfZMdxpNdwo/VY_sP9u5QgI/AAAAAAAAWUc/W4ttuAZEWnU/s1600/Worst_a5ddad_225404.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-NZEfX2GmaV8/VY_sTyATiaI/AAAAAAAAWUk/w_l_IlVUhuE/s1600/famine-in-ukraine.jpg
** International Socialism in the USSR and China killed untold millions.  Nobody knows of it.

** Quote: "Roberts's denial that the Court legislates is astonishing in its cynicism: In saving SCOTUScare, the
chief justice not only usurped Congress's law-writing role with gusto; he claimed the powers, first, to divine
legislative purpose from its contradictory expression in legislative language, and, then, to manufacture
legislative ambiguity as the pretext for twisting the language to serve the contrived purpose."
>> And the VERY NEXT DAY Roberts railed against this very kind of action.  Barackus must have something really
good on Roberts to get Roberts to shred his intellectual consistency like this, and so publically.  And notice
something else - the Left's block ALWAYS votes in lockstep.

** Now, if only we could get them to do this to each other on a large scale.

** Assuming this is correct - after all you can find anything on the net! - only 1.6% of Americans owned slaves.
Enough with the collective guilt... but it has never been about FACTS.

** What's critical to note is this: the phrase in question was NOT a typo.  Jonathan Gruber, the architect
of the law and, per some administration emails, a "hero" in this quest, said this was deliberate.

** Just feel the respect and tolerance for those of a different opinion.

** Write Sweden off.  And Ireland:

** If you like your tax exempt status, you can keep your tax exempt status.  Period.

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