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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We Can't Even Add The Cords To Earplugs In This Country.......

 Many of you have seen these before:

  I just got a box in and I noticed the label on the sealer tape:

  SO, we mold these and then have to send them to Mexico to have someone melt the cord to each end..... sad. 


  1. Not surprising nonetheless, however sad that is. Just let me be a recluse ASAP!

  2. Around here, there used to be several large medical catheter plants. Mallinkrodt, Sherwood Medical, Sheridan Catheter, amongst others. They have all since moved to Mexico, all thanks to NAFTA. One of the provisions in the "trade agreement" was that any US business that moved to Mexico and stayed within a certain number of miles from the border, still got to label their products - "Made in USA". I seem to remember that the cut off was 50 miles.
    I was one of those people that lost my job to NAFTA, as did my father, my current boss, and many friends and acquaintances. Our plant alone lost almost 300 jobs. Our good paying local jobs were sent to a foreign country for pennies on the dollar, yet Tyco still charges exorbitant prices AND gets to sully the good name of US made products with foreign made crap. So when I get a little pissed about secret trade deals; and illegals coming into the country diluting the job market and sponging up my taxes - I guess you could say I've got a pretty fair reason why.



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