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Sunday, December 14, 2014

18 year old Auburn Football Player shot and killed at same apartment complex where two Auburn players were killed last year

However, I seriously doubt the headlines will read "Unarmed Black Teenager Gunned Down". (click here for link)

Jakell Mitchell (top), an 18 year old red-shirt freshman at  Auburn University, was shot and killed Saturday night. Markale Hart (bottom photo) was charged with his murder. Will the university see marching, riots, looting, 24/7 media coverage, visits from the race peddlers (Jackson, Sharpton, Black Panthers, etc.)? I seriously doubt it because this appears to be another case of black on black crime. The MSM will be briefly mention it and then be as mum as they recently have regarding the latest spike of black thugs setting whites on fire. Shame on a biased and racist press.


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