Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nothing You Do This Weekend Will Match This ....


  1. That is just so right in so many ways.

  2. Maybe not this weekend, but it sure gives me ideas for future weekends.

  3. Gator is good, but not cooked over a plastic fire!!
    And yes, that's one hell of a body!

    Btw, WC has a pic today of an abandoned house that most think is in Kansas. When I remember my times in Kansas, I think of your new header pic.

  4. I've wanted to do that to my golf clubs multiple times, but I've never wanted to use an iron to roast a gator. Maybe if a chick like that was hungry for some lizard meat...

  5. Having played a lot in Fla. in my youth, I can attest to the value of a Gator Wedge.
    And as you can see, my former caddie was invaluable in distracting opponents at the opportune time.
    Not only that, she really made my putter stand up.

  6. True. Last time I was around something like that the chick wasn't wearing socks.


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