Friday, May 2, 2014

Moms Demand Action: Or instant movement, just add crisis.. MUST READ

 Pay VERY close attention to the man behind the curtain........

Moms Demand Action.  What a neat story.  Suburban stay at home Mom Shannon Watts sees the horrific acts of the Shootings in Newtown Ct. The Next day, she is so moved by the tragedy she runs out of her yoga instructor class (tears streaming down her face no doubt) and goes home and starts a Facebook page at her kitchen table to “vent her frustration” and before she knows what happened, it’s a national organization, born of a groundswell of grassroots support from angry moms all of the country.  It just goes to show the power one average American has to lift their voice and be heard in the nation’s capital over the din of the all-powerful gun lobby
What a romantic notion.  Too bad it is 100% crap.  There is no way this group could have grown as fast as it did and garnered as much media attention as it did without a great deal of pre-planning,and a team of professional people working full time to make it happen.  This is Astroturf at its finest.

 I saw this over at "FIREHAND'S" site and needed to share.


  1. Bravo! Now THAT is investigative reporting.

  2. Just too bloody right. Awesome research/reveal.

  3. Yep, I posted some stuff about her name change, and how she appeared out of no where. Did you see the piece on the slide fire guy at the NRA show, its on my and Brocks site, hilarious........ ;)


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